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Vocal Music

Level 1- Six-month beginner’s course:

  * Learning to sing sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni; vocal exercise through the practice of 30 alankars or paltas and swaramalika delineating the basic                  structure or rupa of three ragas.

  * Level 1: Further practice of alankars to lend flexibility to the voice; swaramalika and simple compositions in five ragas in the next six months covers                       the portion for the first year.

  * Level 2: In the second year you learn to sing 10 medium-paced chota khayals or raga compositions with short alapss, tans and bol-taans in different                    taals. A couple of bhajans will also be taught. Voice culture and kharaj (lower octave) singing practice to lend depth and richness to the                            voice is part of the course.

  * Level 3: The third-year portion consists of vocal ornamentation exercises-meend, khatka and murki; learn 10 more raga compositions with alap, tans                    and bol-taans and some bhajans. Certificate will be awarded at the end of the year. 

  * Level 4: Learning to sing Bada or vilambit khayals with elaborate alaps, bol-alaps, intricate tans, bol-taans and rhythmic sargams in 20 ragas; gamak                    practice; will be taught a couple of taranas, dhrupad-dhamar and thumris; will be  awarded a diploma at the end of the five-year course.

  * Level 5: Will be taught some rare, combo and mixed ragas; will be trained to give a full-fledged concert.